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SP2018 photos (non-competiton, just plain fun!!)


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Here are a few of mine - lots of adults very helpfully testing some of my 'outreach' activities, lots of wind and water, and friends sharing expertise in the cafe (summed up my weekend ?)  Great fun everyone!  And special thanks to Simon and Rhiannon for their help in both preparation and implementation of the outreach materials :icon_salut:


@AndyUKsmelling a comet (once in a lifetime is probably enough!)


@Steve @Antand @James try out the 3D comet views and take an internal tour of the Space Station (consensus on ISS - messier than you image)


Mrs Daz (Tracey) checking out the 3D planets and the 3D book 'That's amazing!'IMG_20181012_164319.thumb.jpg.7dbb2baa83f7cf51448a1d4449a21e40.jpg


The Mod and Admin team glum due to missing @barkisIMG_20181013_190124.thumb.jpg.8e71c4efe10068881fda98597d141f41.jpg

Help and advice in the cafe .... sharing challenges and solutions  @Scott @steppenwolf @dazIMG_20181015_131318.thumb.jpg.1dcb241601b5706cb5af822640719ee3.jpg

And the weather..... safe by just inches...IMG_20181014_125313.thumb.jpg.c6e4b4ea397a8e35672bd68a6a6a489e.jpg


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