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Psychobilly's Nebula Frenzy III - The first roughs...


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Well what a night thats turned out to be Putting the Ha Hoover through its paces onthe Megrez 72 FF III Combo - Things settled down after the earlier setup and dew problems and got some sort of rythmn going 2 framing shots (60s at iso 1600) then 12 x300s with 60s intervals between targets so about 80 mins per target all night :)

The forecast sleet didn't arrive and the clouds are only now starting to move in at 4 am but only slowly so hopefully get some data on the last target of the night M42/m3 and ngc1977

Just the rough as they come of DSS with very basic processing...Warts and all at this stage...

Gamma Cyg Nebula


(click to enlarge)



(click to enlarge)

California Nebula


(click to enlarge)

Flaming Star Nebula - Un-guided :)


(click to enlarge)

More to come Later....


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Got locked out of any more mods so had to post a new reply...

Alnitak...With the other goodies....


(click to enlarge)

And a HDR style stack of M42/43 and NGC1977 on the go... although the rough won't use that processing...

Logsqrt Stretched...


(click to enlarge)

Coming later ... the HDR treated version...

I Wonder how the rosette nebulas coming on....Fianlly beaten by the cloud only one usable frame in 40mins of trying...


(click to enlarge)

Oh well the longest night for a while and alot of data to work with over the next cloudy nights..

Looked at the 5 day and its gone down hill :)


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I think theres enough in there to pull somethign out in the processing... you know its a cold night when you cant coil up the scope leads to pack them away thermo hit -4C lastnight before cloud rolled in about 4.30 am but using 4 layers includign thermal tracksuit ski suit and then under the opened 4 seasons bag as a duvet it was quite toastie and i managed a total of 2 hours kip longest being 40 mins..whilst on the HHN.

I have got 20 40 80 160 and 300 subs to stack and process for the M42.43 NGC1977 shot but lost a load of the longer ones to cloud so hopefully get the trap region out as well...

Now for a difficult day in work...


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Hi Billy!!!!

Its good to see a few people managed to get out and do some imaging last night......I think we got your share of the bad weather last night, about 2inches of snow in as many hours.......It wasnt cold though, it was bloomin freezing.......You certainly made the most of the clear skies......

Some lovely results there....Look forward to seeing the finished results.......


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I'd like to comment on the Flaming star nebula. I've been trying to image it for the last two clear nights. It looks like such a promising target but I find it real hard to get right. I tried 5 minute subs on the 28'th without getting the results I wanted. I think it really needs 6-8 minutes with my 90mm f/5.5 scope, and real good seeing. I should maybe stay up to catch it really high up as well?!

It's also a nut in processing I think since you get data in both thr red/blue chanel. My "dirty trick" in Ha nebula processing ( using the red channel for extra luminance ) doesn't work :-(

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