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Hi all, new to astronomy.


Have bought a Williams 81,  canon D450 had it modified.  Celestron  advance gt mount.

I want to use Eos backyard, (apparently it can only use 32 bit as there are no (canon)drivers for 64bit

I need to buy a computer to run the above programmes 32/ 64 bit ?haven't a clue what requirements I need.or if a new computer will run it.

I also need to buy a Photoshop programme. Think it needs  64 bit to run it 

Need all to be compatible any help would be appreciated.

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Software for processing could start with GIMP it is free and deep sky stacker also free. Or work up from there depending on budget on the processing side.

I'd go for 64bit personally for the computer operating system.

I don't know if canon still have the 450d on the support site for drivers. Generally 32bit stuff still works on 64bit computer.

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Thanks for the information.do you think I should go for a laptop or desktop or both? What sort of gear do you use?

Cheers mick

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Desktop it's pushing 5 maybe 6+ years old now so not a good example, an ex Dell box but has been very reliable. Only you know what would be more useful for you. I don't have a laptop but do use a 7 inch android tablet to control my Canon but I think the 450d is not compatible for that. You may also want to look at APT I see that used too. I only do very basic imaging so you would be best to read and understand lots before spending to help ensure you only spend once. The book Making Every Proton count is a good read.

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I have a Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit  Desktop PC and I have just tried a 450D on it.

Runs Canon Utilities just fine, the remote controller operates the shutter and downloads images to the PC and ZoomBrowser EX  displays the image.


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My Win10, 64 bit laptop runs my 450D, no isssues.

PhotoShop is an expensive option, only monthly subscription....

i find PaintShopPro has 99.9% the same capability and is very cost effective.

Try the free download before you buy.

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Have a look at Affinity for Windows - I am now preferring it to Paintshop Pro.


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Great news.will go for a referbed laptop to get me going.

I will try all programs and see which I can use thank you.


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