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Both of these globulars are in the constellation Tucana but are in two different galaxy. 47 Tuc is in our own Milky Way and NGC121 is in the Small Magellenic Cloud. NGC121 may even be larger than 47 Tuc.




Telescope: William Optics FLT132

Guide Scope: QHY OAG

Camera: QHY9 Mono @ -20c

Filter Wheel: QHY 7 position Ultra Slim

Filters: QHY 36mm unmounted L R G B HA OIII SII

Guide Camera: QHY5L-II

Mount: AZ-EQ6

Mount Control: EQASCOM

Focusing: SharpSky Pro and Sequence Generator Pro 3 (automated)

Bahtinov Mask: No

Capture Software: Sequence Generator Pro 3

Guiding Software: PHD2

Calibration and Stacking Software: PixInsight

Processing Software: PixInsight

Number and Type of Data Frames: L= 19X300 sec, L =7X120 sec, L= 14x30 sec, R= 10x180 sec, G= 10x180 sec, B= 10x180 sec

Ha= x , SII= x , OIII= x .

Binning: 1x1

Total Image Time: 206 minutes

Location: Lockleys Observatory B, Tanunda, Sth Australia

Light Box by Exfso


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it's amazing how deep this goes -- well done!

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Thank you for taking a look. ?

The beauty is that it is a naked eye object so you only need very short time to get good data.

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Wrong Forum.

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Wrong forum, Mods delete this post, please.

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