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Important - SGL Food!


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Due to the increase in numbers this year, there is not enough room for everybody to have curry in the cafe at the same time but don't worry we have a plan!

This year we will be having a marquee large enough for everybody to sit in, supplied with tables and chairs. This will be used as the tea tent, talk tent and a space to host the quiz and hogroast. As you can imagine this was a significant, unexpected expense which our sponsors FLO have kindly footed the bill for.

Unfortunately, logistically it isn't possible to have the curry in the marquee so instead we are asking that people naturally spread out the time they head up for the curry - serving will start at 5pm and there will be plenty for everybody. If you arrive and there is nowhere to sit yet, please wait - the bar will be open :) If you have finished your curry and people are waiting for a seat, please head down to the marquee ready for the quiz.

The quiz will start in the marquee once everybody has finished in the cafe.

The mod and admin team will head up to the curry last which should help spread people out a bit. Hopefully it doesn't mean everyone waits until the end - we do still want some people to head up at 5pm!

Sunday roast, whilst there is enough room to seat everybody at once it's impossible for the kitchen to serve everyone at once so this year, the sitting will be divided up into 5 tables of 8-10 people at a time with a 15 minute gap in-between. I will set up a sign up sheet in the cafe - please sign up to one of these seatings before Sunday. This will be a great help to the cafe and also means people aren't sat waiting for a long time to be served. Again, mods and admin are volunteering to go last :)

Hope that's all OK. I am heading to Lucksall first thing tomorrow morning so will be on site if anybody has any issues or problems.




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Hi Grant

Due to the forecast, we are unfortunately going to cancel our camping plans but might come for part of the day on Sat to meet people, have a few drinks and talk telescopes!

What time will the hog roast be served?




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