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Coronado PST question

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Hope this is the right place to ask about the Coronado PST

i recently acquired this scope and I can’t get any surface details to show on the sun, I have played with the tuning ring but apart from being able to see some flares on the rim of the sun, no surface details came through. I was using my own 8mm and 11mm Explore 

what I saw was just a red blob, pretty much like white light viewing with a red filter. Turning the tuning ring only changed the intensity of the light coming through

is this what is expected of the PST? Or do you think I am doing something wrong or my PST may well be faulty?


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With the PST you should have a sweet spot where an area of the surface should show detail but never the whole disk at once. There are ways to adjust the tuning range which sounds like it might be your problem.

This thread has some usefull info.


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Could be a couple of things:


There's not that much detail on the surface currently in Ha. I'd expect you to see an orange peel effect surface though. I suspect this is your 'problem'.


Or your ITF / objective might be 'rusted'.


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There are several reasons that can result in initial disappointing results with a PST and most are common to all solar telescopes. It takes a while to get your eye "in", specially if you have been looking at processes images. Tuning, as you have found, is important for best results and can take time to perfect it. PST's, as with other makes, are not equal in performance for a given aperture, there is a reasonably wide acceptance level of specification such that although each is fit for purpose, some are "superfit".

If your instrument is pre-owned, there is a possibility that the filter between the prism and the blocking filter has deteriorated, a common and fixable problem that seems to be unavoidable given enough time. This situation impacts more on the visibility of surface detail than prominence limb detail. A good PST is certainly capable of showing obvious surface detail under good seeing conditions, transparency of the sky being one of the most important requirements. The Sun, being at its low point of activity, currently shows less surface detail than usual.   ?

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The thing is, there’s not much to see at present. And, as Peter points out, if you’re new to Ha viewing it can be underwhelming at first.

Take some time to look and really ‘observe’, educate your eye. Most of all, you have to absolutely nail the focus.

Stay with it. It is worthwhile. ?

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I've done a bit of HA solar observing with a PST and also a Lunt 50.

One thing that I found was that it takes some time for your eye to adjust to observing in hydrogen alpha light. I've been observing for decades at night and also solar white light but I found that it took a few sessions and some careful selection of eyepiece focal lengths and experimentation with the tuning of the etalon filter to start to tease out detail in h-alpha.

Add to that the rather inactive solar surface presently and the vagaries of seeing conditions and it's a more challenging pastime than you at first think !

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Agree with everything said above. I have a somewhat underused PST and I too was initially disappointed, but the more frequently I use it the more I seem to be able to tease out. I tend to be able to tune it for surface detail or prominences, but rarely both at the same time. A dark cloth over the head helps enormously. But the biggest success factor is patience and perseverance!! 


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    • By astrorg
      I have been away from this forum from possibly July - I never find a lot of time to do anything these days, same to be able to relax reading and interacting Astronomy forums.
      I asked here a few ideas about making a solar scope or modifying whatever I had and I was recommended to also see Solar Chat Forums and I did.
      Thanks to solarchatforums I have been able to do something decent and here is what I have done so far - very slowly!
      1. I purchased a second hand PST and replaced its ITF with Maier one from the US and it finally had a clear image coming through + moved Etalon screw to third position - all the usual thing everybody does [after I researched it]!
      2. used a new SCT screw-on short focuser [used once or twice on a LX200 R Classic] and using Teflon tape I screwed the PST Etalon to the focuser and purchased a 2" adaptor to fit on Etalon.
      3. then used a Chinese 2" to 1.25 and modified the 2" side socket taking internal ring off and making 3x 120° threaded holes and 3x nylon thumb screws and used that as an adaptor to fit the original PST eyepiece holder - strangely enough at present this adaptor is also used as a tilter ... until I buy a proper camera tilter
      4. then fit the above eyepiece holder into the SCT focuser with 2" to 1.252 adaptor in it and screwed the whole Gold PST tube with Etalon in it and made a BETTER PST - see image

      5. I also initially tried a 2.2x DSLR camera Lens magnifier in front of PST and it decently works too - so PST will be fine for full solar disk mainly and without the 0.5 angstrom - not forcibly needed, I am probably around 0.7 as it is!
      6. more importantly, I decided to make my own 90mm solar scope using the above bits and pieces.
      7. with the help of Solar Chat Forums [great guys with a lot of knowledge, some are professional - i.e. they know the optics mathematical details - which helps] I purchased a cheap Bresser AR90/900
      8. the ONLY usable thing there ... is the main tube, a nice and thick tube - the rest is ALL plastic!!!
      I dismounted all parts and saw tube shorter ... a bit too much ! - I could have saved ~6cm really as I went with original ideas, but forgot I was using a different telescope from my initial thoughts - silly me!
      So, I added a 6cm extension - no problems there to reach the 20cm inward needed for the PST Etalon which has ~20cm FL
      9. initially I used a Tuna Fish 100g tin to adapt the SCT focuser onto my AR152 and fit Etalon inside the focuser to get near the 20cm needed- lets call it Quark unit - which it is really!
      It worked well, so I decided to add a second focuser to tune the Etalon ... getting back to AR90/900 ...
      10. I was trying to avoid overspending, I could not afford to spend too much - then I remembered I had a unused AR102SX which in my mind I guessed ... the focuser should over AR90/900 and it did!
      It just fits perfectly - then drilled three holes for the holding screws et-voila'
      11. I purchased a second hand 75mn Baader D-ERF and fit it INSIDE the AR90 tube at about 20cm inside from the front air-spaced doublet lenses, as there are the usual internal rings soldered in and just sit on it and I have about 70mm aperture  - i.e 70mm width from the D-ERF for photons to get through.
      At that ~20cm distance from front lenses the beam is still very large - probably about 60-65mm - there is no heat in between - no need for air-escaping holes
      12. when I have the time I will make a solar finder scope and fit it on the tube - not that is really needed - I usually use CDC to get there almost over The Sun [having an almost exact spot on the yard!] - then use my eye without eyepiece and look thourgh the PST eyepiece holder for solar shinging and centre the telescope over The Sun.
      Well, it works well after tuning Etalon focuser correctly and then focusing/tuning Etalon etc. - the usual.
      See some images - still learning imaging/processing and a lot more to learn about Solar ... a lot!
      I will probably need to get a Power-mate 2.5x when I can afford it!

      1st mod - without the original black box - it works so much better - better focusing and sharper viewing too.

      This is the AR90/900 shorten tube with AR102SX focuser and adaptors to test it normally

      This is complete with the Quark Unit on the right side
      Since this image there have been some changing - do not use the revelation adaptor any more and added a 6cm 2" extension.
      Here are some images:


    • By Richard Shaw
      I acquired a second hand Coronado PST. The focus knob doesn't seem to have any effect on the image and, although it turns, it feels as if something inside the scope is "slipping".
      Is it worth opening up and taking a look to see the focus knob in action?
      Is there anywhere that services the PST without sending it outside the UK?
      Are there any nasty surprises if I open it up (springs, pressure points etc)?
    • By SacRiker
      I recently acquired a PST and had my first light today...it took a bit of work but I was able to see some great stuff through the EP. However, when I tried to hook up my smartphone to the scope with a phone adaptor I was completely unsuccessful in capturing any good photos. Everything looked way out of focus and I couldn't come close to seeing any of the prominences on the phone that I saw visually. Is this due to the PST's setup? Or am I doing something wrong? I was attempting to do it with an 8mm EP. 
    • By JonH
      Hi All,
      I have the following for sale, originally bought for a full PST mod that was never done:
      Coronado PST - £430. Boxed.
      Vixen A80M - £150. Includes tubes rings, dovetail and focuser but no box, finder or diagonal. SOLD.
      90 mm D-ERF - £200. SOLD.
      Filter holder - £8. Homemade and bought off a SGL member. Fits the 90mm D-ERF and has a internal diameter of 105mm the other end. SOLD
      Solar Finder - £15. SOLD.
      WO Dielectric Diagonal D-DIG2 - £35. Boxed. Bought to be used on the Vixen before the scope was modded. SOLD.
      All are in excellent condition and do not include postage. Collection preferred for the scopes.

    • By Paul73
      Hi Guys
      I've now got all of the parts incoming for my 100mm PST Stage 1 mod. So got cracking on dismantling my trusty PST.....
      I just can't seem to shift the Etalon & Tuner from the gold tube! I know that others have encountered this problem. Any hints about how to get it moving?
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