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Concrete pier on patio - dealing with vibration

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Hi All

I am considering building a concrete pier into an existing patio, it seems the best location in our exposed garden for wind shelter and the least amount of stray light too. I was going to pull up 4 slabs to create a space of approx 90cm x 90cm for the pier.

I’m not able to build decking around the pier so just wondering if anyone can advise on how best to isolate the pier and dampen (ideally remove) any vibration from footsteps on the surrounding patio slabs ? Whatever I use I will need it to look neat or I'll be in the dog house !

Thanks in advance for your help.

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If your patio is made of slabs rather than cast in one piece I think it fairly unlikely that you'd have a problem. You'd only need a small gap between the pier and the patio slabs as well, probably so small as to be visually insignificant. When problems arise it's because both the surrounding slab and pier are in rigid connection.


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