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Killing the longing!

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With the show that the planets gave this year I even left my poor Moon aside, but killing a little the longing after seeing a photo of these I could not stop publishing.
Stadius and Eratosthenes should have been two extremely similar craters.
Both are roughly the same size (60km and 70km).
What sets them apart is just their age, Stadius is from the Imbriam period and was formed about 3.8 billion years ago. Etosthenes is a much younger crater, belonging to the eratosthenian period and must have formed between 1.5 and 2 billion years.
Stadius was submerged by magma rivers that flowed on the lunar surface and probably covered hundreds or thousands of craters that today are only supposed to have existed. It is a ghost crater, but still well defined, as there are some extremely subtle craters that can only be seen at very low lighting angles, such as the one I discovered above the Aristharcus Plateau (please see: http://astroavani.no .comunidades.net / reporting-the-discovery-a-new-crater-ghost).
Eratosthenes is a typical Copernicus style crater, and because it is older it does not have a proper ray system but is covered by the rays of Copernicus, has a well-defined circular inner wall border with numerous terraces, prominent central mountain peaks, uneven floor, and a outer wall of ejected material.
In short, two craters that must have been almost the same show themselves completely different because of the irreversible passage of time.
Text: Avani Soares

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