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SLL and SX Trius 694 / Filter Wheel - winter is coming!

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Hey everyone,

The school term has started, and after almost a month of rain we were able to get the Borg 125SD at f5 out again, with the Trius 694 and filter wheel combo.

Here are some of the objects - a few are more wintertime than fall objects, just a consequence of a late start.  Clear skies, but only average seeing.

One pleasant surprise to me was how well things worked even with a nearly full moon... visual work was difficult, but the camera & filters worked pretty well!

The images are all captioned... see if you can find the planetary nebula in M46!  ? 


- Greg A











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That setup is working beautifully! The colour versions are good, but the black & white really gives something extra when it comes to revealing the detail and structures. 

Looks like you’ve got some fun times ahead. ?

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Hi Don,

Thanks, and yes, on the Mac I still need to use 2x2 binning for things to work.  I don't have ready access to a PC to see whether SLL for Windows functions properly, though it has been suggested that this limitation may be a (Mac version only) bug.  One of these days I will give it a try and see if I can verify this!


- Greg

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