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Ngc 7789 in RGB

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Nothing really special....but a lovely cluster to image especially with the bright moon about. Exposure times were 10x 600 s in red 10x 420sec in green and 10x 560s in blue. I did have some challenges with gradients wit the bright moon but we cant be fussy with the amount of moonless clear nights we get. 

Imaged with My AG12 and H35 camera

Thanks for looking



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I can never figure why they call this Carolines haystack??? Carolines Rose I totally see. This is one of the targets that looks better at the eyepiece than in pictures, but your nice rendition makes the amount of older stars clear which are harder to pick out visually. Will check a bit harder next time I view it.

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Thank you all for taking the time to comment 

10 hours ago, steppenwolf said:

A very pretty image - I bet those gradients were fun though!

Thanks Steve, They were pretty bad and I did end up cropping the image a little. But the fact that it is a star cluster and has no complex emission took a lot of the pain out of it.


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1 hour ago, astro mick said:

Very nice Peter.

Way overlooked in our images catalogue.

Nebulae dont always rule.


Thank you Mick...I do like clusters they are wonderful visual objects and are generally more forgiving when imaging in less perfect conditions.

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