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Hi, from Western Canada

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Thought I'd better introduce myself. I'm not exactly a newbie into the hobby, but still have a lot to learn. I got back into it after a long time away (+40 years). As a retired farmer that still lives in the dark (Bortle Zone 2) region of Saskatchewan I feel I'm lucky. My re-initiation started about a year and a half ago. Bought  a used NexStar 130SLT  and was instantly back on the hook.

Since that fateful day I've gotten to see some amazing things. I've always had to make the best of what I've got. Amateur astronomy isn't proving to be much different. The second-hand scope/mount collection is growing at a pace that should be avoided. I've bought a stinker or two but have some equipment that can get me in the direction I would like to go. With the changes in hobby since my last go around, it is difficult to pick only one specific goal.

My attempt to avoid AP was futile. While my ability (skill level), and equipment will never get me an Award winning image, I'm tickled pink at what I've capture thus far. I have managed to put together a few DIY things to make Astronomy, in general, less influenced by Mother Nature. Here the expression goes "I don't mind the Hot, I don't mind the Cold, but boy do I hate the WIND".

Wind abatement was dealt with by building an observatory. It could be better, but has served me well. The other major improvement was the Pier. It was a built out of a lot of goodies out of the scrape pile. I had a close call with the tripod that was under the second hand CGEM mount I bought. The pier will NOT have a tripod leg slide in.... Scopes have been my nemesis. "Had I known then what I know now" comes to mind. Another quote that ought to be heeded by use Newbies is "Less is MORE".

I have to admit to being a refractor kinda guy. I have 3 of those ranging from 80 to 120mm. My largest scope is a 1981 version of the C8, and the most ignored scope in the gaggle  is a 130mm reflector. Any of this sound familiar???? Had I to do it all over again I would buy a 100-120mm frac with great glass, and call it good for purchases.

I think the AP thing is the ultimate challenge. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Ummm, I don't know a thousand four letter "descriptive adjectives", but every time I go to process an evenings captures I work on a new swear word. 

I have had humbling moments. They happen often. An example was September 9th of this year. The sky had been trash for weeks, but Clear Sky Chart said there'd be a small wind of opportunity.... I was ready (and needed) that chance. No plan, but the scope was sitting on the Mount/Pier and ready to go. Thought I'd just do some visual observing....yeah!!! WIthin 5 minutes a camera was on the scope.... still no plan, but I'd never just shot the limb of the Milky Way. To my surprise I captured one of my best shot (3 actually) ever.  I bet I'm not the only one this has happened to.

I have experience, A lot of it is bad. But without the bad how are you going to know when it is good. RIGHT?

Anyway thanks for letting me in to your community, got my glasses on and am ready to have my eyes opened.

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Hello and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the community, see you around the forums.

Clear Sky's.

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Welcome from Alberta.

Yes, we tend to learn more from our mistakes than our successes. 

I'm learning a lot ?

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Wow! Thanks for the welcomes.

Harvest resumed again today, but the forecast looks terrible for the next week, should give some time to catch up.

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