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I cannot get my starry night pro plus 7 on an iMacOS high Sierra computer to communicate with the NexStar+ hand set on a CPC Celestron telscope.
I have upgraded the handset from version 4 to version 5 and bought a new usb data cable , plus a 5-Pin Mini B Cable to fit into the NexStar+ handset,all to no avail. Please help!

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Can we establish how your computer communicates with the Nexstar+?

On my setup, a USB to serial converter plugs into the laptop. The converter requires a driver. A serial lead (9 pin one end, telephone style the other) connects to the handset bottom.   I need to tell the laptop which serial port I want to use, otherwise the setup doesn't work.

Newer handsets may have an all-USB connection - I'm not sure.

It seems a great idea in theory, but I have stopped using it as more bother than it was worth. Most of what I want to view is either in the handset database or can't be located in the planetarium program (Stellarium in my case).

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Thank you for responding Geoff. The old handset NexStar version 4 needed the converter and RS 232 cable into handset socket and usb into computer and that did not work either. I now have the newer version 5 handset which has a mini B usb socket at the handset end and ordinary usb cable to the computer. The starry night software does not give the option of using a usb port. I would the two to communicate if only to download new firmware to the handset.


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Why did you upgrade the handset? (Please don't say 'because you could' ?)  Was it because it wouldn't connect to the Mac?

Until a Mac user answers I would suggest going back to the previous version handset, or trying a more co-operative program that supports USB ports.  Or get a Windows laptop, which should run a greater variety of astro-related programs.

You should be able to connect for downloading firmware via USB independent of the Starry Night. (my advice here is don't download upgrades unless you positively need to fix an issue. Save a lot of aggro and lost time that you won't ever get back.)

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