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New to the hobby and Stargazerslounge


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Hello everyone.


I am new to the hobby but keen to learn and to get the best from it. That's why I have decided to join Stargazers Lounge. 

When I was trying to decide on what equipment to buy and learn the basics, I regularly looked at the various Forums on this site and read the postings. The knowledge that the members have on this site is immense and invaluable to a newbie like me. Thank you for what I have learnt in the past few weeks and thanks in advance for what I will learn.


As a bit of an introduction, I am coming up to 56 years old and I live in Whitehaven, which is on the west coast of Cumbria, England. Although I have had an interest in Astronomy and general star watching for most of my life, it was only after an inspirational visit to the Observatory at Battlesteads in Northumberland earlier this year that has got me really interested. I also have an interest in photography, so combining the two hobbies together makes sense.

With this in mind, I now have a Sky-Watcher ESPRIT 80-ED PRO to connect up to my Canon 70D and do a bit of DSO imagining. To mount the scope and camera on, I have a Sky-Watcher EQM-35 PRO SYNSCAN GOTO. I have also invested in a Sky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED Guidescope and ZWO ASI 120MM CCD, along with other bits and pieces, like eye-pieces and Barlow lens. 

It is a steep learning curve, for as well as learning how to set up all the gear, I am also learning more about the night sky using sky atlas's, apps such as Sky Safari and more importantly, getting out on clear nights to just look. Luckily, I do not get too much light pollution around Whitehaven and get a decent view of the sky from my garden. My wife says that I have suddenly taken more of an interest in her wanting a summer house for the garden. Or does she mean Observatory?

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Hi Binzauk and welcome. Stargazing has always been with me since watching the (I Think) Roland comet of 1957 when I was a youngster, and then I developed (no pun intended) an interest in Photography and have trying ever since 

to get a good pic of the moon.  Good luck in your new hobby

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The exact question that I asked my wife Dave. I’m also telling her that it will get used all year round as well.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and I look forward to chatting with you. Thanks also for the book recommendation DP, I’ll no doubt be ordering soon.


Stephen (aka Binzauk)

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Welcome to the Stargazers Lounge Stephen.

I have the very same book their referring too, in-fact both books now? which allows me someway to  better understand what you guys are up against when it comes to astrophotography?

For me though, I simply look up at my limited view of the  night sky, and I'm  just  grateful for what I do see,  but there's so much more to discover! 

Weather permitting, I might see more this season due to the substantial change with the street lighting, the prospect so far is looking good.

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