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Greetings dudes

Mike Godfrey

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Hello Stargazers... from the most densly populated city in Europe-Portsmouth!

If you need any light pollution I have some to spare :crybaby:

I have been looking into the forum and you guys seem reasonably normal.

I am a complete novice at Astronomy -but am thinking of getting a scope (with some unexpected bonus money).

Anyway hello dudes !

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Welcome to Stargazers, we are a little crazy here, about astronomy, and there are plenty of opinions to be gathered. We will do our best to answer any questions and offer guidance.


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A very warm welcome Mike! Yet another forum member from Hampshire .....

Hope you have fun here, and have even more fun deciding how to spend that bonus money :laugh:

I'm not sure at all about the 'reasonably normal' bit though ........ :scratch:

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Welcome to the forum Mike :laugh: Good place for advice on scopes. I was in your position 2 months ago and was given loads of really helpful advice. Just ask away.

Have you had any thoughts on scopes?

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Welcome Mike

Normal is such a subjective term, I find..... :laugh:

Welcome to Lounge, make yourself at home and feel free to ask any questions you like.

Even if they are about Skywatcher's!!! :laugh:

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Thanks guys for a very warm welcome :laugh:

I'm looking forward to buying my first scope soon.... but first I have to get the 'management' to agree the purchase -I'm sure I can find some persuasion.

I also have 3 boys so I'm hoping they will enjoy it to.

especially as the temperatures are starting to be a bit for favourable to life.

Cheers dudes..

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Mike, keep your eyes peeled on the members buy /sell section, there are a few scopes on there at the moment, and often represent better value than new.

And at the bottom of each page on the forum is a link to Isee Astro shop, again some members put equipment on there.

Also try http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/ there are some good deals to had.

Ask if you want any advice, just ask, you will get a barrage of opinion, just wade through it and make your choice from there.


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