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Floppy Hinge on large bins


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I had a cheap pair of 10x50 bins with same problem and sorted it by removing the ipd scale and tightening the big slot headed screw located underneath the guage 

I was lucky it was an exposed cross head screw holding guage in place and not concealled under a metal sticker (not done this on observation bins so may be diferant)

Dont try this tho till other folks confirm thats how to do it

also it may void warranty depending on age of bins

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You could try tightening the retaining nut at the end of the central bar at the objective end of the instrument (behind the  plastic screw off cover). Here's a post of mine from a few years back on Cloudy Nights where I had a similar problem with a 10x50......



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      I have the 11x70 model which has preferred Baush and Lomb body. Excellent optics and eye relief.
      Are the 20x100s as good optically, and do they have the same high eye relief?
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      I came across some Heliosphere Solana 12x50 binoculars on EBay recently and I'm thinking of adding them to my collection. 
      Has anyone used any 12x50s for stargazing? What we're the views like compared to 10x bins?
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      Ok, so i've had my bins since christmas, and since I got a tripod for christmas as well, I want to put my bins on my tripod to make viewing more pleasing.
      I have sort of searched around the internet to find an adapter that fits both min bins and my tripod. Btw, my tripod is called velbon videomate 638.
      I hope that some of you have had the same problem as me, and that you can help me!
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      Isn't it nice to have classy, well-behaved visitors? Permit me to introduce (part of) the family Helios Lightquest, which arrived today courtesy of @FLO/The BinocularShop:

      The visiting members are (back to front) 25x100, 20x80, 16x70, 10x50.
      I imagine that what a lot of people will want to know is: "Are these simply re-badged and re-liveried Lunt Magnesiums?" The short answer is, "No, I don't think so but, on a cursory inspection, they do ooze a similar 'premium binocular' class." For any more than that, you'll have to wait until I've put them through their paces.
      However, if there is any aspect of them that you would like covered that I don't usually put in my independent (as distinct from Sky@Night) reviews, please do ask, and I will consider it. Until then, wish me clear dark skies and watch this space...
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      As said in the title, 2nd real but short session with my new binoculars.
      Seeing Jupiter rise just above the rooftop of the building in front of my bedroom, i grab my binoculars, in speculation of what i will be able to see. Since i've been interested in astronomy for nearly two years now i know how the tilt of Jupiter's belts and moons change over time.
      So i point my bins towards Jupiter sitting on my bed while resting my arms on the windowsill, this way my view is as steady as possible. I definitely see Jupiter as a blob instead of a dot like the stars look like, and after staring at Jupiter for some time, i start seeing a dot close to Jupiter on its lower left side, and one on the top right side further away from it. I look it up on stellarium and see that io was on the left side close to the planet and callisto was further to the right of the planet. Since i didn't know what to expect, i was surprised to see two of its moons with only a 10x50 binocular.
      Moving on to the next target being M13 (globular cluster). This has always been an object that i wanted to see, if it was with my telescope, or now with my binocular. This was really difficult to find because i couldn't see many stars with my eye to navigate from. But after trying to navigate from Bootes to hercules and then from there moving down the side of the constellation. I finally spottet a small blurry blob. i kept staring at it both with averted vision and looking straight at it. I was happy that i finally found it.
      This was everything i saw, since it was 3am in the morning and i had school next day. (not in the morning but next morning). Really satisfied with the session, and now i just love my binocular even more. The sharpness of the stars (and moons) was looking crisp and sharp as pinpoints.
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