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Sadr Region in HA at 200mm

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I grabbed 3h40m of the Sadr region stretching from the crescent up to NGC6914 (not visible as it's a reflection neb!), in HA light - may add to this in HA, but also would be nice to bring LRGB into it at a later date. 

QHY163M, Canon 200mm 2.8L II (working at f3.85), Losmandy GM8 - taken 17th Sept 2018, West Oxfordshire. All in 5min subs, guided with a ASI120MM on a 50mm guider. Baader 7nm filter. Processed in PI.

Thanks for looking.



(ergh - jpg compression artifacts aren't great in this 

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Better version without the jpg artifacts...
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    • By gorann
      I managed to catch a bit over an hour of RGB with the ASI071 (on Esprit 150 and Mesu200) last night before the clouds rolled in, so I could add it to my Ha data prebviously posted. Most of the RGB is 5 min exposures but I also added some 60s and 10s exposures to save Sadr - the very bright star in the centre of Cygnus and to the left in this image - it was completely blown out in the 5 min exosures. I added Ha to the red channel and I used something like a tone mapping approach (blurring out the stars of the RGB data) since the RGB stars were big, then I used Ha again as lum and I subsequently added the stars separately by selecting them in the Ha image and use the selection to cut them out of the RGB image. Sounds a bit complicated and it was. In that way I preserved the sharpness of the Ha data and kept the stars small. All done in PS of course except initial stacking and calibrating in PI. Now totally 8.8 hours.
      Any comments much appreciated - I have the feeling the image could be improved but not sure how.

    • By gorann
      I had a clear night last night, but full moon of course so it had to be Ha. It gave me the first chance to test a reducer I bought from TS just when the astro-season ended this spring. SW do not sell any reducers that will work on the Esprits (the 0.85 x reducer they have for their ED pro series will not work on the Esprits according to dealers I have talked to). So the options I have managed to find are the Riccardi 0.75 reducer from APM and TS 3" 0.79x reducer. They cost about the same but after som communication with APM and TS, I realized that I would have to spend 150 - 200 Euro on adapters for the Riccardi but only needed a single one (a Lacerta M68-M86 ring for 75 Euro - which also hurts) to fit the TS reducer to the scope and it has an ordinary M48 thread on the camera side.
      So here is the result from last night. 18 x 15 min on IC1318 with the Esprit 150 working at FL 840 mm (f/5.6) with a ASI1600MMpro and a 3.5 um Baader Ha filter. Seeing was not the best so guiding was around 1"/pix which will have made the image a bit soft. However, the great news are the nice star shapes in the corners. I expect the reducer will work equally well on my Esprit 100 but I have not tested it there yet (the focuser is the same so it should at least fit). Of course the ASI1600 gave the expected microlensing effect around the bright gamma-cygnus.
      Next clear night I will make a second panel to the left of the image to produce a "panorama" mosaic.
      Only stretched - nothing else so far, not even any darks or flats.

    • By GWalles
      This is currently a work in progress. Playing around with Photoshop CC to try and extract more detail from this image. This image is not as cropped as the others I have posted.
    • By GWalles
      Deneb and Sadr (Cygnus) | 50 30 second subs Dithering | 0 Darks | 0 Bias | 0 Flats Canon 650D Samyang 100mm 2.8 ED Skywatcher Adventurer Mini
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