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Which version of SkySafari for my telescope?

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Hi Stargazers, I have a Celestron NexStar 5SE computerized telescope and wanted to download an astronomy app such as SkySafari. I'm not sure which version of SkySafari 6 I should get: Plus or Pro. I to eventually control the telescope from my phone so that limits me to those two versions.

I'm new to astronomy and was gifted this telescope so I don't fully understand its capabilities. The SkySafari site lists stats for how many stars, asteroids, moons, deep space objects, etc.. each version can see but I don't know the limitations of my telescope. Would I be able to take advantage of all the additional features in Pro (or even Plus for that matter)?

I appreciate the guidance!

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Welcome to SGL!

I’d say that the Plus version is plenty. The main difference is that the Pro version contains many dimmer stars that you won’t be able to see with a 5” telescope anyway. The only reason I went with the Pro version when I upgraded (I had the Plus version of SS5) was that the Pro version has a moon map that the Plus version lacks - but there are plenty of free moon map apps you can use instead. 

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The basic version of SkySafari 5 is also free now.

I would agree that plus is all you need, should give you everything. I have the Pro Version with the extra databases, but only because I like exploring ;) It lets me identify faint stars and DSOs in images I see on the forum, but I rarely need it for anything I actually observe. 

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I currently have 5 Pro and it works just fine for my needs. As it is currently 50% off, Is 6 Plus or Pro worth the upgrade? I don't know as if the new feature set really has anything in it that I feel I need other than improvements to observation lists, which I currently rarely use. Are there significant changes to the UI that make it any better to use?

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For the small price (compared to everything else in his hobby) I thought it was well worth it. There are quite a few changes that add up to a better experience and a more effective interface, eg:

Customisable toolbar.

DSOs sorted from north to south rather than S to N as in SS5.

Magnitude limits (never see stars dimmer than).

Better FOV circles with built-in equipment database. 

Various add-ons like voice control, tilt-to-slew and ability to graph object altitudes.

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