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COMPLETED - Vixen Orion P-80L


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Hello everyone, time has come were I need to thin my telescope collection. I have two 80mm F15 telescopes, one of them has to go!

So for sale is my Vixen Orion P-80L telescope. Its a French rebadge version so is called SBS. This telescope is a mid 1980's model. The previous owner fitted a dual speed Crayford focuser, which does the job. It comes with telescope tube rings, dovetail, and handle. I've flocked the dew shield, upto the first baffle behind the lenses, and upto the first baffle from the focuser, the draw tube itself in the focuser is also flocked.

For its age it is in very good condition, with only a few marks on the OTA tube. The lenses are clean, with no damage. 

I'd prefer collection, but can post at buyers cost.

£200 + postage.

The Vixen telescope, is the one you can see at the front closet to the camera. 







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