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COMPLETED - Skywatcher Counterweights

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Hi All

I recently acquired a Skywatcher 12" Newtonian and have mounted it on an AZ-EQ6 GT, which combination works fine. However, in the absence of extra counterweights - the mount only comes as standard with 2 x 5kg - I had to resort to using the dual-mount saddle and another 9-10kg telescope to get the rig balanced (see image).

Does anybody have any 5kg or 10kg SW weights surplus to their needs, within reasonable driving distance of Middlesex?

Thanks, Magnus



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Hi Have you thought of Barbell weights,which have a 25mm centre hole. These are comparatively cheap on line.  I have used them on my GP mount with no trouble.  Worth a look ,even Tesco’s have them sometimes. Kind regards,John.

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Yes I do actually have a pair of rusty old 2x5kg barbells which I retrieved from my local Recycling Facility and which currently see service preventing my garden-table umbrella from blowing away. They are my backstop plan, but I thought I might see if the Community had any unloved originals lying around.

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