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Leo Triplet


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Managed a short session out in the garden last night. Abrubtly cut short by my youngest son who woke at 11.30pm and only wanted me......typical!

First target was M51 (will be a future post in the near future), which seemed to go pretty well. Next target...Leo Triplet! M65/66 are one of my fav targets in the sky, so its a bit of a surprise after 3 years with Canon EOS that i haven't imaged it before.

Grabbed 20 images, all 1.5mins long. Taken on the Orion 100ED working at f9, on the EQ6 Skyscan (which was working like a charm). EOS 10D was set to ISO 1600, wish i set it to ISO 800 now. Stacked in ImagesPlus 2.10a and finished off in Photoshop CS2.

Will have another play when the kids aren't being so demanding.




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Hi Russ,

Good to see an image from you matey been a while hasnt it.. Cracking image too must be happy with it?

Well Done.

James :laugh:

Oh you posted another one hehe that looks even better Russ well nice!

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