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Can I be excused


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Nabban Careful mate it could be another Viking trick :laugh:

I've stopped them dead, but they mayl be back, decided to try a more modern(?) piccy for a while.


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Yep maybe I am, but you get fed up clearing a patch to set up, turn around to set up scope, to find it dissapearing under it's own drift, and the place you cleared has filled up. Bins are the only alternative left, and with frequent heavy snow and wind, the sky isn't that clear.

I hope it clears up for the new scope's arrival!

Still I could always build snowmen, get a huskie team, practice for the effects of global warming, cause if the Gulf Stream moves south or stops, this would be classed as summer weather in the future!!

Alright, I will stop moaning now. As the other half keeps telling me, "quit while you're behind"!



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Good one nabban - makes my "dark skies" (and white ground) weekend - Fri-Sat night - look easy by comparison. We just had eight inches. We also had from 8pm to 3am on Fri night clear as a bell. Seeing was down to magnitude 6, easily.

Enjoy the sledging and snowboarding


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