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I also have a 200p that's only used rarely. It's the older blue tube model but the optics didn't change for the black tube anyway. However as it was used for imaging only  the focuser has been replaced for the Revelation astro model. Dual speed, much sturdier and superior to the stock offering.  If anyone is interested I'll bring it along.

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A couple of things I can bring if anyone is interested:

Skywatcher tripod and extension as sold with the AZGTI, pronto etc.  Going cheap - £25 the pair?

Merlin mount head (no tripod),  no handset (I'm using that with my azgti) but would work nicely with a skywatcher wifi module.  This is a nice sturdy mount which fits a standard photo tripod (see above ?).  Used for the eclipse last year.   Bargain at £65.


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