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WEX Photographic telescope delivery, should i send it back?

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I rushed home from work to open my new Evostar 150 (partly on the advice of the excellent gentlemen on this site) from WEX photographic, that was due to be delivered today.

But when I opened it, I found the polystyrene around the eye piece looked like it had done a few round with Mike Tyson, which meant it banged about slightly when you moved the box. Also, they haven't delivered the EQ5 mount and tripod that comes with it.

So obviously I was well miffed and wanted to send it back as MR Fedex may have been banging it around the warehouse/Van for the last 2 days and misaligning my lenses.

So my question is, am I overreacting or should I send it back instead of waiting for the tripod /mount to come and trying it out?

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No, the objective lens polystryrene and the polystyriene holding the middle of the scope seemed fine, but the polystyrene that the eye piece went through was all torn and ripped, making the gap around the eye about 2 inches wider the the eyepiece itsself. Which meant it was not been held snugg and inplace.

I'm just worried that  something bad must have happened to it, (either in the warehouse or in transport) for the packaging to be in that state.

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I would say it depends.

Polystyrene packaging is intended to deform and absorb the energy of an impact, preventing damage to the contents.

The packaging may have done its job and the scope may be perfectly OK. If you return an undamaged scope, you might be liable for the carriage costs both ways.

Personally I would inform the supplier (with a photo) to let them know you will be checking the scope and if damaged you will return it.

Clearly damage in transit is beyond their control, so a polite and concerned message is more likely to get a helpful response than an angry one (I'm not meaning to suggest you will be angry with them, but it's easy to word things in a way that suggests it's  suppliers fault if a delivery company screws up).

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I've purchased most of my camera equipment from Wex as they are local based here in Norwich. They have a 30 day returns process https://www.wexphotovideo.com/help/returns/ 

I'd however photograph the damage to the box and message them with the photo asking for their advice...that way, you are covering yourself it there is damage to the equipment from transit...

Although I've never had to return anything to them, they have been very straightforward to deal with, and a retailer that I would trust.

Good luck,


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If your saying the scope itself is OK then I wouldn't loose any sleep over it and first chance you get do a star test just to make sure all is good. If all your concern for is the included eyepiece then they are a POS to begin with and really only intended to get you up and running until you can afford better quality eyepieces.

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Thanks for the advise everyone. I've rang them today and once I explained the packaging damage and my concerns, they were great about it. The courier is coming tomorrow to pick it up and they will have another out to me ASAP.

I just hope I get to see Mars and Saturn before they disappear. Through my current scope (Power Seeker 1000 , 127) Mars just looks like a bright ball and Saturn like a small white eye.


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