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Struggling To Photograph Nebulas


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I am pretty new to astrophotography and I'm starting to get into photographing nebula's. I'm looking for some recommendations for the best magnification to photograph, say the Orion nebula. I am limited to a 102mm 660mm focal length telescope that is on a go to mount, but non equatorial. What would be the best way to photography this? Exposure length, magnification etc?

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Max, upload a photo of your setup and some of us can suggest how you can start off. By the way, magnification does't really matter. You need to study about Field of View that you can get with your camera. I am assuming that you're referring to magnification thinking that you'll be using the eyepiece. For photographing things like Orion nebula you have to directly attach the DSLR with its lens removed directly to the telescope using an accessory called T-Ring, which will be available at your local astronomy shop or online order.


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