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StarSense question

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I just got a StarSense to go with my Nexstar SE6. The manual is bl**dy awful - as is the hand-controller, screen and buttons but...

What I can't determine is if I only have to set the time/date/location once or at every boot-up. When I set the time and date and go back to that screen, my previous settings have gone.

Haven't actually got round to trying it out yet

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Here is a link to the latest manual


Page24 says

Time / Location Source:

Choose where StarSense retrieves its time information . This is automatically acquired when you first start using StarSense, but you can choose to manually change these settings if you wish . Some telescopes, like the Advanced VX, have a Real Time Clock (RTC), others like the CPC/CPC DX have a Global Positioning System (GPS), which saves and keeps track of time . If your telescope has neither of these, you will need to enter the time manually when setting up your telescope


The Nexstar SE has neither of the above so time/location needs to be entered every time. This is just the same as with your original Nexstar+ handset?

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Yes you are right !

 the time and location has to be entered each time you turn it on.

unless you used hibernate ( but you have to keep the power to the telescope connected otherwise it will not remember

the info.

I bought the GPS unit which does away with having to enter date and time each time.

hope this helps



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