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Star adventurer realistic expectations


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I'm looking to dabble in some astrophotography. I've taken quite a few years out of astronomy so the star adventurer is new to me... 

I already have an evostar 90 on an eq2 for visual. Im a planetary guy so it does me fine. I am however interested in some widefield photography. I have an old eq1 with a motor but with no way to accurately polar align its not great.

I'm considering the star adventurer. I imagine with just a camera and a moderately wide lens it will be great, even without guiding. However, I know sooner or later i'll want to increase the focal length.

My longest lens is 200mm, how long could I realistically push subs at that length? Would guiding significantly improve that?

I also imagine I'd end up wanting to slap an st80 on there... Can it handle that? If so, I'm guessing guiding would help more with the heavier setup... what sort of exposure length can be achieved with an st80 guided/unguided?

And lastly, anything else I should know about this setup? My basic understanding is I'd need the mount, wedge, power tank, a ball head, then adding an L-plate, guide scope and camera if I want to guide. As for cables is it just camera to laptop, and laptop to mount (st4) plus phd2 software? I shoot fuji at the moment, but maybe in future i'll grab a modded canon and use backyardeos...

All sound sane?

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4 minutes ago, Anthonyexmouth said:

William Optics Z61 is a nice match 

Don't forget you may need to budget for the expensive flattener.


Just stuck on to see the scale not for imaging.




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