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Unusual Object ...... Any ideas ??


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Saw this unusual trail when sorting through the hundreds of Perseid images from last night...... 

Each photograph element is 40 seconds exposure, sequential and taken at about 1:30am on the morning of the 11th August 2018.

It's the dual trail starting just above the tree on the right.




My immediate thought was a docking / undocking space vehicle ...... anybody have knowledge on this type of thing ??

Cheers,    Sean.

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It could be a pair of satellites, i was out last night too and saw a group of 4 satellites at one point!

Overall i saw about 8 meteors and more satellites than i could count. The first meteor i saw was was one of the most amazing i've ever seen too, must have lasted 5 or 6 seconds, great night!

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That is strange, could be dual satellites . 

SkyJamie if that meteor lasted 5-6 secs it had to be either a long fireball or morelikely a earth grazer .  Here’s an earthgrazer image . 



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hi Sean

Also caught some pairs similar to yours last night, at 2.20 and 3.36 am, see below at 15sec exposures:

2.20 in bottom right

3.36 top middle

Seen this a couple of times before, could be satellite pairs







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