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Hi all, I'm new on this forum, I have a question on a telescope matter. I am looking to buy a new scope for astro imaging the likes of Andromeda, Orion Nebula Pleadies etc and i'm stuck between the Skywatcher 130 pds and the Skywatcher  150 pds. I am looking for help on which would be the best buy for me or would you recomend something different.

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Add the Skywatcher ED80 refractor to your list. A bit more money but probably the most popular beginners imaging scope as it is about the easiest to learn imaging on but also popular with the more experienced imager as it gives very good results.

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I would also advise a good read of "Making Every Photon Count" by Steve Richards. It's the astro imager's bible and will tell you all you need to know about photographing the night sky, including cameras, telescopes, object types, and photography techniques. It's a very broad, deep (and expensive) subject with a steep learning curve, and understanding the main principles is essential to be successful. :)

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