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Orion Optics mini 50mm guide scope with SkyWatcher Synguider II

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Hi all

I am going to move towards astrophotography big time, if my budget can stand it.  Mind you, I am already reasonably well kitted out (I hope).  My gear has been safely stored for several years in a dry and protected environment, so time to blow the dust off it (wait, there's no dust, it was in a safe and protected environment ?) and see if I can get some decent images.

I have an Evostar ED80 with the 0.85 reducer/flattener.

I have the HEQ5 Pro mount with both SynScan and SynTrek controllers.

I have a Canon 450D that I can butcher for any astro mods (it has a duff exposure meter/communication with lens, but works fine in manual mode and with the Canon - I have the T ring adapter.

So I want to get a guiding system up and running.  I have found someone selling the Synguider II system with the Orion Optics mini 50 mm guide scope.

Will the guide scope mount onto the ED80 ok, or are there compatibility issues? The reason I ask is that I read on another forum about an issue with this guide scope and the Explore Scientific ED80.




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Sorry - no intention to "bumb" this thread, but I may have buried my question too deeply in my previous post.

I am wondering if anyone with experience with the 50mm mini guide scope by Orion knows how easily it will attach to a Skywatcher Evostar 80ED telescope.  I have the opporunity of acquiring one with a Skywatcher Synguider 2.

Anyone's thoughts/experiences appreciated!

Best wishes


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I've no experience with the synguider but the rest of your kit is spot on to start with dso astro photography.. I would mod the camera thou as most nebulae are ha rich

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Damn phone
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Great! Thanks for the reply. 

Just got back from my extended trip to the UK and ... cloudy, cloudy, cloudy.

Ahh well. I have the kit ready to delve into when there is a break in the overcast weather.

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