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COMPLETED - Wanted: Flexifocus for ETX

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Hi Douglas,

They are easy to make. You need:

(a) a piece of wire - cycle brake or gear cable works well. 

(b)  the metal connector from a cable connector block. 

1. Remove the focus wheel from the ETX (there is a small grub screw on the side of the wheel) and attach to one end of the wire. 

2. Insert the other end of the wire into one end of the connector. 

3.  Attach the connector to the ETX focusing spindle. 

Hope that helps. 



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Thank you John, that helps a lot. I was wondering if brake or gear cable would do the job. I'll get the cable cutters out tomorrow.

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So, to follow up:

This thread can be closed.

I did the job - dead-easy, thanks John - but immediately realised that the focus rod is stiff. I'd never noticed before, but now it was obvious. Torsion would build up in the cable until it was enough to overcome stiction and then suddenly it would make a half-rotation in one jump. Gear cable wasn't even strong enough not to uncoil in the one direction. The brake cable fared better, but I think flexifocusing is out of the question until the focus itself is smoother.

I'll see about stripping down and regreasing sometime soon. Looks like the back of the OTA will unscrew once it's deforked. But that's getting a bit off-topic for the classifieds.

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