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Visual back SW 150 MAK.

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I have  a SkyWatcher Maksutov Pro 150/1800 telescope that have an adapter visual back to 2", a heavy  2 "diagonal, giving too much weight to the telescope when I use it with binoviewers for planetary and lunar observations, I would like to know if there is  any adapter that can be attached to the exit visual of the maksutov to be able to use a diagonal 1.25 " ,or if there is  one 1,25" diagonal for to put directly to visual back( I think that there is some 2" diagonal for visual back)since these are much less heavy than those of 2" ..

Is there a star diagonal of 1.25 "with a SC thread? This Mak have SC thread, is the same size as the C8 models?

Now I have :

Large and heavy adapter that is screwed to visual back + 2" diagonal star + binoviewer + 2 eyepieces., all for planetary and lunar observation, very heavy..(for my actual mount)

Which , I think added to weight of the Mak 150 is in the limit for my actual mount..I would prefer to use a lighter "train", for example: visual back 1,25"+ 1,25" star diagonal+ BV+2 EP., but I wonder if this be as robust as the "2-inch system"..

There is a diagonal of 1,25" that can be put directly to visual back ?

Thank you for your comment..



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Hi Paul, you may want to have look at this thread I started last year [June 2017]...

Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

Clear skies.

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Having used binoviewers with a Mak and a SCT, I think I would be quite happy having the extra stiffness of a 2" diagonal if I had one.

I should have thought that the diagonal would contribute little to the all-up weight. A 150mm Mak itself will be quite heavy, and also you should be able to balance out the tail weight by sliding the mounting bar up in the mount saddle.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

Most binoviewers are 1.25 inch, so have you a 2" to 1.25" adapter in the mix.? And any 1.25" eyepieces? 

The mount max weight is a guide - they tend to wobble more if overloaded.

Does your Mak come with a 2" back as standard? Surprising.

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Hi Paul, I have just replied to an old PM you sent, and saw this.

The SW Skymax 150 is not a standard SCT thread. I had an adaptor made to go from the 150 to a borg focuser, I could dig out the details, from somewhere, I think it was an m69 thread.

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