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Hi. I own a Celestron CPC 800. I used to be quiet knowledgeable  on it. I moved over 3 years ago and got my scope out for the first time in nearly 4 years. OMG I have forgotten practically everything. Last year i bought a starsense autoalign as i used to have trouble setting it. I tried for 3 hours to get this thing to align my scope last night. I watched as my optical tube do 2 somersaults. Neither of my hand sets asked for the time and location. We have really dark skies here. I tried to align with the scope with 2 and 3 points for alignment and this star sense. I thought as i had not used my scope for years and first turned it on this would have reset itself. I take it this is not so. Can any one please give me some simple advice ... besides giving up lol. Karen 


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hi karencm...i just couldn't leave your call for help with one reply.....I have a celestron nexstar unit so i am not ideal to help...i wonder if you have the nexstar controller as you said you have two..the other being a starsense one, i assume...can you just try that and see if you can enter the time and place on this simpler unit....the setup for starsense is tricky as a watched the video with lots of 'enters' in sequence for setup.

if you cannot enter 'time and  location' then i suspect the computer in the scope has failed and you will need the 'shop'

4 years without use may leave the computer grid in a 'confused' state as things do fail with time 

you could try a 'factory reset' as that may work...let the SGL lot know how you go

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On ‎26‎/‎07‎/‎2018 at 16:17, karencm said:

I tried to align with the scope with 2 and 3 points for alignment and this star sense.

The Starsense doesn't do 2 or 3 point alignment - the basic Nexstar handset does. Without a more detailed account of the problem all we can say is 'read the manual' and start with the Nexstar handset.   The mount probably will not reset itself with time so if it needs a factory reset you will have to do it. 

Be aware that the power plug making poor contact is a persistent problem with the C8 SE mounts and I have seen it cause symptoms not too dissimilar to those you describe. You can try cleaning it and opening the central pin with a sharp knife, and add a cable tie to stop the cable working around.

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Hi Karencm,

The CPC series of scopes have a built in GPS so you do not have to enter the date and time. I have the old handset  - on this unit you turn the scope on then press "Enter" following which you have to wait till it gets GPS lock. Then you choose the alignment method. I really do not know how it works with the StarSense though. As I understand it you turn your scope on and fold your arms while it does everything for you except observe ?


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Thank you  for getting back to me. If I leave my scope to its own devices it automatically sets up with the timing out. Its obviously something i,m not doing. 

I really thought that buying the starsense autoalign would have made things a lot easier. Just a case of perseverance I think .

Karen ? 

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It might have a button battery lurking somewhere that may retain settings when switched off, may have gone flat.

You may still have to set for BST as the GPS will probably get UTC, if the time is out by 1 hour.


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I looked at the StarSense manual. On my CPC 1100 I just have to wait a couple of minutes for the GPS to lock (I do not enter date, time, time zone or location) then select the two star align. You can also use Celestron SkyAlign if you do not know the names of any stars where you just have to point at three objects in the sky. Both methods seem easier that the procedure for using the StarSense. The advantage of the StarSense might be in the Mount Modeling feature which I imagine will make goto more precise. I imagine someone on this forum should have experience it.


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