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Stat's and Other info regarding our Moon


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Thanks Radio,

Although most of this is off the top of my head i do check my facts and sometimes come across some added details i wasnt sure about and add them so it's 90 me and 10% research i would say in fairness.

Don't forget i have been observing the Moon for many many years Radio...

James :lol:

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Depending on the quality of the sky when viewing, you can generally reckon on achieving 40-60x magnification per inch of telescope aperture (160-240x thru a 4" aperture). Astroman can push a telescope to its very limit because he is observing from Arizona where the sky/atmosphere can be wonderfully clear.

Fortunately, much of what you will be observing will fill the eyepiece at around 60-150x magnification.

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I've pushed my 8" up to x400 here in light polluted, Rubbish seeing Lincoln. TBH, I don't think it would take any more. My son lives in Queensland, Australia and the night sky there is just unbelievable. I go out every summer to see him and this year I'm seriously thinking about buying something like a 130 for him (and me... :D) because the seeing is just out of this world. I think that might be a pun.......

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