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NGC 6888 Crescent in HOO

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Finally back! The weather here and of course life....has kept me from imaging for quite a long time. I finally got the bug back, and started gathering data on NGC 6888 The crescent in HA and OIII. Its been so long that I kind of forgot a ton a processing tricks and also had a computer failure and lost most of my old tools for Photoshop, so this is just a quick process with everything I can remember. Its a bit noisy due to needing more data, and probably needing to take a new set of darks, flats, and bias files since its been so long. That being said, it came out ok, just need to rehone my processing skills a bit. Let me know what you guys think........Details are:

1200x13 HA
1200x18 OIII

Crescent HOO #2 - PS - PI.png

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1 hour ago, tooth_dr said:

Stunner! What an entry back into the world of AP!

Thank you!!  Was fun to finally get back out there and get some data.  The Mach1 performed beautifully even after sitting for such a long time.  I didn't have to mess with a thing!

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I'm wondering if anyone who has shots this target and got the outer shell of OIII to show up without having to overstretch it did it.  More data at the same exposure, or a longer set of exposures for the OIII?


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