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As a leaving gift, my colleagues at work bought me a sketching easel. Guess I've got no excuse not to sketch my observations now! Any suggestions for easy starting points? I'm thinking double stars might be good.

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You might find using an easel at the eyepiece problematic. I prefer a hand held hard back sketch book for rough eyepiece sketches, then a second, high quality hard back sketch book for making a cleaned up drawing once I'm back in the house. I use a small drawing board or just rest the pad on a table rather than use an easel. Whatever you choose that works for you, if you keep things simple, you'll enjoy sketching your observations as they make a great record to look back on.

Double stars and nebulae are good starting points, as are planets like mars and Venus. The moon is more complex.


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Yes, I agree with Mike, it may be best to use a good notepad at the eyepiece, and finish the sketch indoors ASP. I  started with Jupiter and Mars, but the Sun is also a good choice.  The Moon, probably the most difficult, there is just so much detail visible through a scope.  Please post any results.   Chris.  

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