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Recently I opened my AZ-EQ5 mount for adjusting and greasing.

I did not find any complete tutorial for this nor worm or bearings dimensions. I plan to replace some of those if I have the chance.

Meanwhile, I will add some pics of the disassembly process.

  1. Open the plastic top case. Please excuse the USB hub attached, I did not remove that.
  2. Pull out the cable connectors. Put the top case with the controller board aside.
  3. The bolt inside the green circle can help you remembering or adjusting the belt tension. Loosen down the RA motor screws. Remove the belt. Unscrew the bolts. Remove the motor.
  4. The bolts inside the green circles can help you remember and adjust the worm distance to the RA main gear. Remove the bolts holding the worm case.
  5. Parts: RA main gear, worm case.
  6. Remove the screws holding the encoder board. You get access to the nut holding the worm in place. Remove this too.
  7. Remove the bolts inside the driving gear attached to the worm. Sorry, not the best pic.
  8. You can now proceed to push out the worm and the bearings. No pics for this, sorry.
    The bearings are 688Z, 16mm outer diameter, 8mm inner diameter, 5mm width.
    Worm dimensions measured with the caliper: 69mm, 36mm.


Hope someone finds this useful.

I'd be interested if the worm is identical to the ones used in the HEQ5.

Clear skies!


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Hi Alex.

Thank you for posting this.  I hope you don't mind me asking you a question please?

Not long ago I bought a new AZEQ5GT  mount  and I find when using the mount in AZ mode, I found that I can push the mount without any effort with one finger even after tightening up the clutch at various stages of tightness, did you find that happened to your mount at all please? I have sent aback my mount to the guys at FLO to have a look at it.  I did think that there could be a large washer missing between clutch knob! I will try to attach a picture of my clutch knob in place, I have backed off the knob just for the photograph and put a red arrow pointing to where I think that a big washer should be?

Best regards,

Hadyn - IOM

SW AZEQ5 GT Clutch HG.jpg

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Hi Haydn,

You’ve just reawoken a 2018 thread, so Alex may not be able to respond instantly! However I’m another AZ-EQ5 GT owner who has made a few tweaks here and there. If anything, the clutches on my mount tend to snatch, and I have an occasional problem where one jambs and I have to use a lot of grunt to shift it. I have sometimes also found I can move the scope, against the friction of the clutches, but I reckon that’s when I haven’t tightened them quite enough due to not wanting one to bind. There are some useful stripdown videos on YouTube including this one

which should let you see whether there is a missing washer in your case, although I would doubt it. The clutch knob actually presses on various plates and bearings and a washer where you think one is missing would prevent it working. Sky-Watcher quality control failures are usually more than subtle than a missing washer. My guess is that FLO will sort you out!

After making backlash adjustments, I am now very happy with the way my AZ-EQ5 with my ED80 and guidescope performs.

Good luck with yours!

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Hello Avocette

Thank you very much indeed  for the Youtube video link, very useful indeed! 

I watched the video a couple of times and as you mentioned there there is no missing washer. It looks as f if could be a poor grease problem or a bad construction issue. Will let you know when I get back my mount from FLO on how it works.

As you can probably guess I got the AZEQ5 GT as its a much lighter mount to carry my  SW 130PDS and SW ED80 telescopes on that using my HEQ5Pro mount, as I am at that certain age and would like to continue with the hobby.

Best regards,

Hadyn - Isle of Man


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