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Saturn and moons 06/07/2018 Western Australia

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Saturn and some natural satellites 6th of July 2018. Referring to Stelarium at that time of the night, the moons are from top to bottom Dione, Enceladus, Janus and Tethys.

Captured in SharpCap, 1800 best frames stacked in AutoStakkert, wavelets in RegiStax, edited in PaintDotNet.

Saxon 8" Mak, SkyWatcher EQ5, ZWO ASI224MC, Celestron UV/IR Cutoff filter. Conditions were average with patches of good seeing but the dew was bad. Location Mandurah, Western Australia.



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Thanks Si@nite. I didn't realise I'd captured the moons but after stretching levels they were just visible between the noise. Sizes of the moons may not be correct, I had to average the sizes out from surrounding pixels and with the help of a moons reference image from wiki I got them roughly the correct size.

According to Stelarium at the time of capture I should've captured a large moon at the back of Saturn but there was nothing there. I'm not sure how accurate Stelarium is with natural satellites though, most large moons are close to their real positions.

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