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Fruitless hunt for NLCs, but still a nocturnal image

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As NLCs had been spotted the night before, I drove to a nice spot called Aduarderzijl, north of Groningen. Apart from some very faint hints, which might or might not have been clearer patches between thin strands of regular clouds, I couldn't make anything out. I still tried a shot with the Canon EF-S 10-18mm zoom on my EOS 80D.


Some faint brighter stripes can be seen, but I am not at all sure they are NLCs. Hoping for better luck next time.

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NLC spotting seems to be as frustrating as Aurora chasing.

They are not quite predictable,  the best conditions are not conducive to a good social life, or befriending the neighbours,  you will probably have to drive somewhere and obtain a good, clear Northern horizon,  they come out better on longer exposure frames  ie. they might not be obvious to the unaided eye and it is a lucky guess as to which is the best lens to take and use.

I have been looking over the last couple of nights and seen nothing convincing.    Just to rub it in, a bloke on FaceBook on the same night  produces some fantastic pictures from Sheffield !!!!   Yes Sheffield, that high latitude dark skies paradise.

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