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Jupiter and Io captured on the 8th June from just south of Reading Berks.  I'd been showing my daughter Jupiter through the eyepiece as she was home prior to us going to a wedding in Morocco. She was very impressed with Jupiter and asked how I did the imaging, so together we captured this.  I'd have gone to bed if she hadn't.  so I'm glad she did.  She loved watching Io as it came towards Jupiter.  Equipment: Meade 10" LX200 classic, motorised Moonlite focuser, ES 2x focal extender giving a focal length of 5metres, ZWO Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector (ADC), ZWO ASI224mc camera. Captured with Sharpcap. Processed in Autostakkert and sharpened and colour balanced in Registax.  Video compiled in Photoshop CS6.

The night sky was simply stunning in Morocco.  No gear though .



Jupiter and Io_2018-06-08-2241_5.jpg

Jupiter and Io_2018-06-08-2241_5.tif

Jupiter and Io_2018_06_08_2221_2245.gif

Edited by Laurin Dave
MP4 hopefully higher quality than GIF
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