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Lunt Blocking Filter - Check yours, you won't regret it!

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On 31/05/2019 at 22:43, symmetal said:

After getting a replacement blue glass filter from Bresser, I thought I'd have a go at possibly cleaning the old cloudy one. The CN thread said some people had success with CLR (calcium, lime, rust) cleaner. I had some Viakal limescale remover spray, so I thought I'd give it a try. I sprayed some into a small glass and dropped the filter in to soak. Came back half an hour later, rinsed it off, wiped it dry and was surprised that it now looks like new and is very clear (but still blue :wink2:). So worth keeping now as a backup in case the replacement shows signs of deposits appearing.

If you were going to just throw your cloudy filter away it's worth giving it a try (but at your own risk). :smile:


I tried this today and it does indeed work, my filter looks as goos as new and will be kept as a spare. 

Thanks for the tip Alan. 

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6 hours ago, Nigella Bryant said:

I had the same problem with the blue filter going cloudy. TH replaced it for £30 and took only 7 days. I thought, really great service. 

"Replaced it for £30?" - On a Lunt ? If so it should be covered under warranty. :chinscratch:

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56 minutes ago, Altocumulus said:

"Replaced it for £30?" - On a Lunt ? If so it should be covered under warranty. :chinscratch:

I bought it second hand and was supposed to be in good condition. Wasn't under warranty. 

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Just received my replacement Blocking filter from Bresser. So others should be getting theirs shortly, if not email a reminder.



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I dealt directly with Bresser Europe who supplied mine FOC and I fitted it myself. I just supplied Bresser with the serial number, I'm not the original owner but the question wasn't even asked by them, I was just asked for a shipping address and it was delivered 3 days later. 

Very pleased by the service. 

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Just to add another data point, once I had a free replacement posted from Bresser, I got a friend to clean the original one using an ultrasonic cleaner.

It worked a treat - 30 minutes in the water bath and good as new without the use of any chemicals or razor blades. I think the only other point to note is that the bath has a plastic basket rather than a metal one, so no risk of scratching the filter. Cheap ones go for about £30 on Amazon; not worth it for this one job but useful if you already have one or know a friend who does.

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