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I really pushed the boat out and  bought these beauties just over a week ago.At just under £100 each these Celestron Ultima Duo's bit more expensive than I would normally go for. I went for 21mm,10mm and 5mm fls. The main attraction for me in thees eyepieces is that  removing the rubber eye cups   reveals a M42 thread to attach a SLR camera.They are large and rather heavy but fortunately my 16" Dob has excellent declination axis locks. Not only can they accept  a SLR their double stepped barrel diameter means they can be used in a 2" focuser adapter as well. I'm very pleased with them so far with the 21mm giving a wonderful view of M13 at 85X.In the image I put a standard 25mm skywatcher plossl for size comparison.

I also imaged Jupiter using the 25mm in less than ideal conditions but managed to just bring out the GRS with my Canon 1000D452142204_GRS210618.JPG.67f8b3eb8186590efe57320aeeaccfbc.JPG.


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I have never seen these before , who sells them ? I have Celestrons first Ultima EPs’ in 18mm , 7.5mm and they don’t look anything like yours . I love the view in mine and are all parfocal . How good are the views in yours ? 

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I don't see them on the Celestron website so there is a possibility they have been discontinued. If that is the case you might find some at a discount where a seller is clearing the last remaining stock. They are suspected of being Celestron branded versions of the Baader Hyperion series. 

Looking at the picture above they look more premium than in the stock pictures. Perhaps if that photo had been used they would have been more popular. 

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I purchased mine from Harrison Telescopes Limited in the UK.What little I've used them so far they seem great with very little image degradation toward the edge of the FOV.Certainly M13 was awesome through the 21mm even in the bright summer skies of Central Scotland where its barely get dark enough for any kind of observation and even then only for a couple of hours.

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