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Binoviewer Wide field Eyepiece help

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17 hours ago, 25585 said:

Morpheus eps have big eye lenses. My 17.5s only just allow eyeball line-up.

As a Barlow or OPC will magnify/extend, whatever ep will have effective smaller FL than its designed. So also your TFOV will be less as well. Using 24 Panoptics with 2x will be like 12mm but with 34mm AFOV. I think ?  


I’m a bit confused by your comment above.

The OP is looking for the widest fov possible with the mark vs. With his lovely Baader scope (which has a removable tube section to make it bino friendly), he will not need any barlows to get into focus. So the pan 24s will give great wide field views with no Barlow and a good wide fov. Since the mark v has prisms it may make sense to also get a Baader 1.25x glasspath corrector (gpc) to tidy up any ca from the prisms. This would still give a very good wide fov and is the setup I use with my mark vs and refractors. 

Due to the tapered tops of the pan 24, these eyepieces are very bino friendly and imo work well even for people with small IPD. I found the Delites too wide for me (and have avoided the Morpheus for that reason).


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6 hours ago, GavStar said:

I found the Delites too wide

It is possible to remove the outer housing from the Delite to make it narrower.  If I recall correctly from what I've read, you unscrew the lower section of the outer carapace from upper section.  Once it drops down, the upper part can be lifted off.  In this mode, it doesn't look to be any wider than a Plossl.


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