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Jodrell Bank - Out of Commission?

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I go for a walk up a hill close to home every day, and have done for several years. From this hill, I can see the Jodrell Bank radio telescope. I have noticed that for months on end, possibly more than a year, every time I see it, it is pointing vertically upwards, ie at the zenith.

This suggests to me that the telescope is not being used at present. Is it being refurbished or having some heavy maintenance at the moment.

Anyone know?

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There is a regular Newsletter available on the net here http://www.jodrellbank.manchester.ac.uk/news-and-events/jbca-newsletter/august-2017/  . There are three  different recent issues there.  Tim O'Brien  (Assistant Director) is active on Twitter . Worth having a look here http://www.jodrellbank.manchester.ac.uk/people/staff-spotlights/tim-o-brien/  . As far as I am aware it is still operational and one of the Newsletters flags plans for further upgrades to the dish.

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2 minutes ago, DeepSkyBagger said:

Thumbs-up, David! I'd love to know why the main dish doesn't seem to have moved for months!

Perhaps they have been preparing for football coverage from a geostationary satellite

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Today, I saw this is a BBC news article about 'art installations' at Jodrell Bank (where they light up the telescope at night with artistic projections - where do I begin?)

'For the last two years, though, Lovell's 5,000 square meter bowl has been undergoing restoration, which means it has to be kept static and pointed directly upward'

I think that's all I was looking for.

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