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Recently I decided to open up my wallet widely and go Narrowband...

And before my set up comes, I decided to check how to process NB images.
The last half a year was mostly cloudy so I started playing around with Hubble TelescopeRaw Images :)

If someone will decide to kill some cloudy evenings in the same manner, 
Hubble Telescope raw images are freely available on Hubble Legacy Archive https://hla.stsci.edu

And please also share your results on this forum.

My first pancake below - "Pilar of Creation" (part of it)  :) combined in Pixinsight.
(M16-P1 - [Used Images: hst_10393_13_acs_wfc_f658n_sci  &  f502n_sci])

P.S. Raw  Hubble Images are sooooo ugly... I was very, VERY pessimistic about my experiment initially :)


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Thanks for the link.... I had a look at some of those raw images.. they are ugly, you weren't kidding.


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26 minutes ago, MarsG76 said:

Very nice processing, BTW



26 minutes ago, MarsG76 said:

Thanks for the link.... I had a look at some of those raw images.. they are ugly, you weren't kidding.


Thanks :) and Welcome! 


Initially, I thought I will not manage to retrieve any colour from them... These raw images are soo ugly... 

but someone once told - "don't judge about the book from it's cover"  :)

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True... and obviously the saying is right... you managed to get plenty of detail and color...

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    • By Corpze
      Hi, I just published a video of how I am cleaning my filters - I thought I might do this while my telescope is back at service due to some kind of astigmatism.
      How do you guys clean your filters? it seems that every dust particle finds it way to the filters just as you are done cleaning them, and to sit in a damp bathroom seems kind of a mess...

      Anyway, here is the video
      / Daniel
    • By Xiga
      Hi guys
      More Mono testing 😀
      I was able to nab a small amount of Oiii last week to add to the small amount of Ha i'd already captured the week before. I should be getting my very own Atik383l+ in the very near future (yay!), but for now i am still exploring the virtues of Mono imaging using the Qhy9 that Adam @tooth_dr kindly lent me.
      I had balance and guiding issues again this time, despite the fact id' spent a lot of time on trying to get it right. I think after 7 years it may finally be time to get the mount serviced. It has quite a lot of stiction, in both Ra and Dec, which is making getting balance an exercise in pot-luck, so i think a trip to DarkFrame for a Hypertune may be on the cards soon. 
      After losing half the (already short) Nautical Dark that was available, i finally got the guiding working just in time to get 5 subs, all 20 mins long each. The last sub was actually shot in Civil Dark! 😬 
      So in total this is just 100 mins Ha and 100 mins Oiii using 20 min subs (all 2" Baader filters) using a SW 80ED. Stacked in APP and processed in PS with Starnet used for star removal. Combined as OHO due to the lack of any Sii. 
      I tend to like my NB fairly colourful, so this may on the 'over-processed' side of things, especially due to the low amount of data. I'm still learning the ropes of mono imaging so always interested in hearing feedback.
      CS and stay safe folks.

    • By knobby
      Hi all, my second attempt at imaging over multiple nights, captured 60 mins Ha and a couple of 5 mins on Oiii and Sii on Christmas evening, then added more Oii and Sii on the 30th
      Total of 60 mins Ha 25 mins Sii and 30 mins Oiii
      Hubble mapped - SII,Ha,OIII = R,G,B. The Oiii data was very noisy but I'm fairly happy overall, also the ZWO Oiii filter caused a massive ring around Alnitak when stretched !
      Comments welcome, I know it needs more data and I will need to learn to be more patient but the year is running out  🙂
      Thanks for looking and have a good 2020.

    • By Xiga
      Hey guys
      I shot my 1st full Bi-Colour NB image back in October/November of 2017. It was the Elephant Trunk Nebula, and at the time i remember having a hard time processing it to my own satisfaction. 
      Fast-forward 5 months and, well the weather is bloomin awful, lol, and the nights are now short, so i thought i would re-visit this in the hope i could do better now that i have a bit more PP experience under the belt. 
      The main differences this time (apart from rotating the image to frame it differently) are, RGB combination was done in APP rather than PS. The OIII signal was also given an x2 multiplier to help boost it (this meant i didn't have to give it a big manual stretch in PS). No HLVG has been done at all this time, as i now prefer to leave the Green in, as i think it adds more depth to an image, as long as it's not excessive. This has made a big difference i feel, as from memory i think i really went to town on removing the Green in the original version, and subsequently everything came out brown as a result. I also went with a smaller stretch overall compared to last time, although i did up the Vibrance quite a bit in the new version (i couldn't help myself). Overall though, compared to the original the new version has had a LOT less processing done to it. Whether that shows (or even helps) i'm not completely sure. 
      Still not 100% sure it's the best version of itself it can be, but overall i am much happier with the result. I actually didn't do any sharpening at all in this one, so i could possibly do something there. 
      C&C most welcome please. Have i gone overboard on anything? I had a hard time getting the overall brightness to a level i was happy with. When i thought i had it right, i looked at it the next day at work and on my phone and it looked way too dark, so i ended up cranking it up several notches as a result. 
      7 x 600s and 14 x 900s of Ha
      17 x 900s of OIII
      (just shy of 9 hrs in total).
      50 Bias and 30 Flats
      Combined as SHO. The SII was synthesized from a blend of 30% Ha and 70% OIII. 
      Taken with the usual gear: Nikon D5300a and SW 80ED scope on a HEQ5 Pro mount. 
      Captured with SGPro, pre-processed with APP and post-processed with PS.
      Here's a link to the original thread:
      And the latest version:

    • By Jessun
      Hi SGL members!
      As I'm moving to 2" filters I wish to sell my 1.25" mounted filter setup.
      This setup consist of a kit of Baader LRGB as seen here for example:
      https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p563_Baader-LRGB-CCD-Filtersatz-1-25----Interferenzfilter---4-Filter.html  @268 Euros
      plus the piece de resistance, the Astrodon 3nm ones; Ha, SII, OIII.
      New they are 608 Euros a pop.... Example:
      I will part with the LRGB set for £150 and the Astrodons for £450 each of £1200 for the lot of three. That is effectively most of the haggling done already.
      These filters rendered me six AAPODs in one year alone, and that was with mediocre OTAs and substandard processing skills...
      I can accept PayPal, UK or French, UK or European Bank transfer, I can ship from the UK or France, no problem as I tend to go back and fourth. Let's say £7.50 per filter shipping cost for insurance purposes. They will also be available for pickup in London shortly.
      The filters have never been cleaned or wiped. They have lived in Atik Filter wheels as long as I had them.
      Below: LRGB set to the left, Astrodons to the right.
      PS There might be an ATIK EFW2 up for grabs too once these are gone ;-)

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