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Ophiuchus M12 Globular Cluster

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Hi, I am publishing this sketch from my observation last night at my very best observing site. I had an Ophiuchus theme to look at all it's interesting clusters. There is a mistake in the title, I have M10 but it's M12, both are 3 degrees apart in the middle of the constellation. The conditions were poor, transparency maybe 2/5 and seeing 3/5, the object at +-35 degrees from the ground approximately. 

Has usually, I used my 200x1000 Newtonian along with a 9mm Xcel-lx eyepiece, 60degrees apparent FOV, 111x. Even with poor condition the object had a clear and steady globular shape but.. all the small stars usually visible in good conditions were not really visible or steady, no grainy appearance except for the very bright stars.

Still, I am very happy with the observation of that object along with M10, The Summer Beehive IC 4665, M14 and M107, all in the same interesting constellation. M12 it's apparently at a distance of 20 760 ly and about 85 ly diameter.



Thanks for watching and reading!

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Thanks to you guys.

It's true GC are very nice objects, I think in perfect condition, M12 must be a very impressive one, to be discovered someday... I can't easily point out any favourite things in astronomy myself, I find everything equally impressive.

Thanks @Ruud glad you liked that sketch of the Glob they are rewarding. M13 M10


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