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M106 and Friends: HaLRGB

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I was finally able to collect a sufficient amount of luminance data to attempt a non synthetic HaLRGB image.  I probably course use more luminance--I have 41 2min subs--but there is a huge difference between this image and my original synthetic luminance HaLRGB attempt (except for the star in lower right--I know its bad).  More than any other image I have done, this is the one that really makes me understand the value of good luminance.  I may have taken the contrast and saturation a bit too far in the core for some.  Since I have numerous versions with gradationally less processing, that is an easy fix (I have several with more as well!).

TOA 130, ASI 1600mmcool pro, Astrodon series E True balance BB filters, 3nm Ha filter

Red: 109 2min

Green: 54 2min

Blue: 101 2min

Lum: 41 2min

Ha: 38 5min

EDIT:  I see now there are some stippling artifacts at full resolution.  But it seems that full resolution is just to much and not very comfortable for viewing.  Maybe that is a good indication that I am pushing the data beyond what it can reveal.  


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Here is a process that does not go nearly as far over the line.  There are less artifacts in M106--and the stars are more natural.  Not sure of the palette in the core--but I think pulling back on the reins was necessary.  Maybe with 5 more hours of lum I will be able to achieve more depth in the core.




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I didn't go far enough--still have processing artifacts.  Here is a reprocess.  I pulled up the reins even quicker on this one.  





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