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Mount is finally working :)


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So my NEQ6 that I bought a few months ago is finally fully working.

For those that dont know the mount was sold to me non working and when i did the maths it was cheap enough to buy , throw a belt mod on it and repair it and still come out with a good price.

So the actual fault with the mount was the system board and I managed to source probably the only one in europe from astromarket .


However in addition to this pretty much everything that could be loosened or tightened had been, it was all setup totally wrong but no biggie as I was stripping it down anyway.

The belt mod is now installed and the mount is working, took about 4 hours for the whole job :)

If anyone is thinking of doing this , I used 3 sites as a refference point

Astro Baby's site


Kari Brown's Youtube


Martin Pyott's Youtube


Many thanks to these guys for their helpful sites .

I would like to add the most difficult part of the belt drive installation was the installation of the idler pulley plates as the belt has to be fed through about a 3 mm gap between the pulleys all done within the confines of the mount enclosure.

I found the easiest way was to use a piece of wire tied to the belt and push the plate itself gently through the wire and belt.


Other tips , have plenty of space and some disposable gloves, as for a full mount rebuild you will be using grease and getting dirty :)


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