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Would Olympus 10x50 binoculars handle weather like in Interlaken, Switzerland?

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I am very new to the world of binoculars and im gonna get started with Olympus 10x50 binoculars. My question is that will the Olympus binoculars handle weather in Switzerland (humidity above 80%), (high altitude), (cold temperatures)?  It would be really helpfull if i get the answer to that question.

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No they are not nitrogen or any gas purged.
Unless you intend to get them very wet, I see no issues at all, unless used in the rain.

To the OP, I own a pair of these, wonderful for the cost, very nice indeed.
The cold does not have an effect on my set.
The humidity at 80% plus has not had any bearing on my set either, it has to the seeing though.

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