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This is mosaic. Data collected with my 150PL using an ASI120MC, an x3 barlow, Baader IR & UV cut filter and a ZWO ADC.

I did 30 1-minute runs for Jupiter, processed in PIPP, AS!3, Astra Image, Winjupos and Astra image again then photoshop. Despite my scope only being 6" aperture I was pleased to get a bit of detail within the red spot, especially as the seeing was foul, although focus seems to have been spot on.

I was able to get Europa and Io from one of the videos. Io was so yellow I had to desaturate it a bit!

I did separate runs for Callisto and Ganymede.

I used a base image of Jupiter, Io and Europa to place the finished planet and two moons, and Stellarium as a guide to placing Callisto and Ganymede. This was done in Photoshop with a x2 resampled image, downsampled again once finished.

All the moons were processed the same as Jupiter up to the Astra Image stage.

I had to do a bit of playing with levels and gamma to get the moons balanced with the planet, as everything had been stretched to 85% making the moons over-bright.

So here it is:


And a key image from Stellarium:


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