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COMPLETED - Loads of eyepieces, bargain prices, plus digiscoper

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Loads of eyepieces for sale - I really need to have a clear out. All prices are for posted in mainland UK. All are either in bolt cases or original boxes.

Celestron X-Cel LX 7mm   £45

Celestron Omni plossl 6mm  £20

Celestron Omni plossl 12mm  £20

Meade 4000 26mm  £25

Revelation 40mm camera projection eyepiece  £30

The following eyepieces are, I am pretty sure, all GSO. They are all the same design. An opportunity to put together a good range at low cost.

6mm  £20

9mm  £20

15mm  £20

20mm  £20

Finally, a digiscoping afdapter. Can be used to hold any camera with a standar tripod thread for digiscoping. Like this: https://www.telescopehouse.com/universal-digiscoping-adapter.html


Payments to be made by PayPal or bank transfer.



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Projection eyepiece, digiscoper sold, x-cel on hold. Others still available

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    • By Fo_Cuss
      The scope spec is firming up to be d93/f1000.
      I'll either use flocking material or create a trillion indentations in the surfaces (with peening machine), and use matt barbeque paint.
      A laser calibrator is on the aquisition list.
      Consequently, everything should ultimately be at 'best possible'.
      I will likely need some guidance on the doublet air gap.
      Other than that ... with trembling anticipation...
      May I ask for views on suitable eyepieces?
      I've read a few of the threads on this forum.
      It seems that many eyepieces fall short of expectations.
      Also, Ive noted that people have talked about the effect of long focal lengths on specific designs.
      Either way, I have an initial list, made up from what seems available at reasonable cost.
      I intend to carry out both terrestrial, and extra-terrestrial viewing.
      Perhaps these different fields require different eyepieces?
      TMB/Burgess Planetary II
      I've read the 'touchy subject' thread.
      I understand the issues, but I'm not in any position to take sides.
      The design seems to offer a 'free lunch', with remarkable 58 deg viewing.
      However, I've read reviews on this forum, talking of ghosting, and scattered light.
      My intention is to blacken the scope internals as much as is possible - perhaps this will be enough?
      Kson Super Abbe
      4 lenses - apparently popular for over a hundred years.
      Celestron 1.25" Omni Plossl
      4 lenses - apparently popular for a longer period than the Abbe.
      In the same Omni range, Celestron offer a 2x Barlow (2 lens).
      They all purport to be good lenses.
      The Celestron range is cheaper, but hey, they might be just fine.
      Are any of them good for both day and night viewing, or should I be looking for specific day and night eyepieces?
      ... and which eyepieces are better suited to a 93/1000 refractor scope?

    • By Lozscott1971
      Hi there people, 
      Firstly can I say what a joy it has been reading and learning from some great posts by your community. 
      My question (as a complete newbie) has probably been asked and answered many times before but some posts are quite old so I hope that you don't mind me re-asking in case there are more upto date answers.
      Ok, I am looking at purchasing the SkyWatcher heritage 130p as I want a portable telescope to take to South Africa with me and after reading the forums it seems like a good option. I will be there for a few months including being next to the Kruger National Park where light pollution will be at an absolute minimum so I am hoping for good results . 
      I have read that a 150mm would obviously be preferable but is there one that is portable  ?? I carry very little luggage so I can accommodate a reasonable size perhaps upto around 10 kilos or so if such a scope exists and would fit into a case that can go into cargo or would this be a no-no ?
      If there are any options please can someone advise. 
      If I do end up with the 130p then I will have a budget of upto £150 to get any additional equipment (ie :- eyepieces) that may be required or would I be better of spending £300(approx) on a different scope with little to no budget for extras ? My intention initially and perhaps ultimately with a travel-scope would be observing the planets only and would obviously like as much planetary detail as feasibly possible but I certainly don't expect Hubble like images !
      I have intentions of purchasing a larger scope at a later date for home use so it really is just about a portable telescope at this stage. 
      Can I say many thanks already in anticipation of some quality feedback from you lovely people !!
    • By Joaquim Q
      Hi, i..m on Stargazers Lounge for long time ago, but now i have a new scope at last!!! The scope is a Skywatcher classic200p dobsonian, and i received it just one month ago. I.m really happy with it. For now, i.m using the stock eyepieces that come with the scope, a 25mm and 10mm super plossl 52. Yesterday i was received a Celestron Omni barlow, and that expands my magnification range. I posted some pics with my set. 
      Congratulations to Stargazers lounge team, this is one of the best sites to learn about astronomy and equipment. 
      Besf regards to everybody 

    • By Kronos831
      So, i have settled between 2 eyepieces for my scopes.
      The explore scientific 6,5 mm 52degree 
      and the Skywatcher UWA Planetary 6mm
      I have read that the explore scientific gives better contrast and views.
      The explore scientific will give me 184x and barlowed 369x So should i trade less magnification for more detail?
    • By DavidJM
      Dilemna time......
      I've realised that I'm not a fan of barlows, I'm also not loaded with cash. I love my two BST's 8mm and 25mm, I'm not so keen on my 15mm meade.
      I've recently expanded my scope collection due to some inheritance with a 127 Mak, so my question is what would be a benefit to my eyepieces, replace the 15mm with a BST? Go lower than my 8mm? Go higher than 25mm? With BST's I would easily get two below £100 or go for something different and spend up to £100 on one eyepiece? Have a wide range of focal lengths and ratios over my three scopes, do I plan for different eyepieces per scope or stick to common eyepieces? Before anyone suggests Televues, I'll need to spend a fair bit on the wife before they turn up in the post? unless of course someone knows of deals going round
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